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Umboðsstjórar (Administrators)[rætta]

  1. Quackor (bureaucrat, sysop)
  2. birdy (:> )=| (sysop)

Requests for additional user rights[rætta]

Remove Quackor from administrator and bureaucrat flags[rætta]

Please pardon me for speaking no Faroese. This bureaucrat is inactive after 2010-09-07 here and 2011-10-16 everywhere on Wikimedia. [1] I did remind him or her at the Quackor and by email back around 2012-12-18 without any answer, so I suppose that this user has vanished. For your security, I would like to kindly propose removing the long inactive administrator and bureaucrat flag.--Jusjih (talk) 25. des 2012 kl. 09:52 (UTC)[reply]

  1. Support removing both flags as nominator.--Jusjih (talk) 25. des 2012 kl. 09:52 (UTC)[reply]